TAOT Wiring Kit - Gibson Les Paul - Short Shaft - K40Y-9

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TAOT Wiring Kit - Gibson Les Paul® - Short Shaft - CTS TAOT 450S 525K Pots - Russian K40Y-9 Caps - 500K

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    This Les Paul® wiring kit is truly an upgrade, containing only name brand parts including our own custom spec. TAOT CTS 525K Pots and New Old Stock - K40Y-9 Russian Military Paper in Oil capacitors. 

    Why consider 525K pots.  Every pot is manufactured to a "tolerance" this means that it can deviate from the stated spec by a certain percentage and still be considered acceptable.  As an example a standard 500K pot @ 10% tolerance can range between 450K and 550K and still be withing the stated tolerance.     At 10% tolerance these pots can read between 475K and 575K ohms, but at 5% tolerance (included with this kit) these pots will be in what we consider the sweet pot between 500K & 550K. 

    What's included: 

    • Four (4) of our custom spec. CTS 450S series 525K Audio Pots (5% Tolerance), short/split, knurled shaft with 2 nuts, lock & dress washer. (short shaft pot threaded bushing is 3/8" tall & 3/8" diameter).
      • 525K Ohms/10% Tolerance (Value can range from 475K to 575K)
      • Audio Taper
      • Bakelite base plate
      • Solid brass c-clip reinforced shaft
      • Solid brass bushing
      • 3/8-32 US thread
      • 3/8" (long shaft) bushing height
      • Split, fine 24-tooth knurled 1/4" diameter shaft
      • Each pot comes with hardware - nut, dress washer and lock washer
      • Requires 3/8" diameter mounting hole
    • Two (2) New Old Stock Russian Military Surplus  .022uf/400v Paper in Oil Capacitors
      (can substitute a .015uf for one of the .022's on request)
    • One (1) Switchcraft long straight toggle switch. Cream colored switch tip included.
    • One (1) Deep Nut for Switchcraft switch. Please see note #3 below regarding nut for switch
    • One (1) Switchcraft #J11, 1/4" Mono Jack
    • Five feet vintage-style braided shielded single conductor wire (for wiring switch & jack)
    • Approximately 14" of vintage-style 7-strand, pre-tinned, 22 awg black cloth push back wire (for grounding pots)
    • Approximately 14" 20 awg buss wire (for grounding switch, can also be used to ground pots)
    • Wiring Diagram

    Please read the following before you order:

    1. As a general rule pre-1977 production Les Paul's, many of the historic reissue Les Paul's, ES series, PRS and Hamer guitars use short shaft pots. If you are uncertain whether your guitar uses short (3/8") or long
    (3/4") shaft  pots, please double check before you order. 
    2. All parts in this kit use American not metric sizing.  If you own an imported guitar (e.g. Japan, China, Mexico, etc.) the pots, switch and jack in this kit will not fit your guitar without enlarging the openings.
    3. The switchcraft toggle switch comes standard with a flat nut, depending on the thickness of the body of the guitar (this includes most Les Pauls), you may need to use the "vintage-style" deep nut.
    Returns are only accepted on this item if parts are unused.

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    1. The Best Components at the Best Price

      I shopped long and hard for the right stuff to upgrade a Les Paul Standard. I was partial
      to the Russian caps which are not available everywhere. This kit was everything I wanted
      and at the lowest price by far. Just finished, tested and I'm amazed at the difference, especially with 50's wiring. Bill offers personal service and immediate responses to your
      questions. I'll be back. Thank You!
      on 19th Apr 2015

    2. Great kit ,Best price,What A difference in sound !!

      I put this kit in A Lefty S.G. copy to replace the china electronics,Along with classic 57 plus pick up .Went from tone dead to Sweet & Creamy..Thank You Art Of Tone.Would highly recommend this Kit Gary . on 24th Jan 2015

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