CTS TAOT CUSTOM Vintage Taper Long Shaft Pot

The Art Of Tone

Bulk Lof of Eight (8X) CTS TAOT CUSTOM 500K Vintage Audio Taper LONG Split Shaft Pot - 10% Tolerance

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    Bulk Lot of Eight (8X) CTS  500K Audio Full Size Long, split, knurled shaft Vintage taper potentiometers.

    Great choice for volume controls, superior to the standard 10% audio taper pots.

    These are our TAOT CUSTOM series equivalent to CTS's high quality 450G series potentiometers made specifically for guitars
    • 30% taper (vintage-style taper) 
    • 10% tolerance
    • High quality solid brass shaft and bushing
    • Flat back case
    • C-Clip reinforced shaft

    Each pot comes with hardware - 2 nuts, lock & dress washer.

    These are long shaft pots. Threaded bushing is 3/4" tall X 3/8" diameter. Shaft is .236" in diameter with a fine 24 tooth spline.

    Requires a 3/8" mounting hole.

    Pot is manufactured by CTS for The Art Of Tone - Part # TAOT-450S-500KXL-VT

    While not identical, these pots specifications are comparable to pots being marketed as "True Vintage Taper (TVT)" and "Super Pots"



    • If you are uncertain whether your guitar uses short (3/8") or long (3/4") shaft  pots.   As a general rule Les Paul's built after 1977 excluding the historic reissues use long shaft potentiometers, but please double check your guitar before you order. 
    • If your guitar is an import it has metric pots and the openings will require modification to accommodate this pot.
    • Know what you are purchasing.  What does 10% tolerance mean?  It means this pot spec'd to 500K pot can have a reading between 450K and 550K and be within tolerance.  Many CTS pots being sold where tolerance isn't specified are actually 20% tolerance, which means a 500K pot could have a reading anywhere between 400K and 600K and be considered within tolerance. 


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